Plumbing is considered to be an emergency for most of the house owners and when it is not required immediately for them it is out of sight and out of the mind. On top of it, there are several plumbing myths that people tend to believe. It stops them in understanding the seriousness of the situation and also prevents them from asking for help from a plumbing service provider in Australia. Here we will tell you a few common plumbing myths that people tend to believe and take on a serious note.

Over the years plumbing technology has evolved and many of the myths have been busted. In order to keep you safe and informed we will tell you more about plumbing myths.

1 – It’s okay to let water leak from the faucet

People tend to believe that it is okay if the water is leaking from faucet, but no it’s not. Leaky faucets can cause your water bill to increase and corrosion to the faucet. If the leakage is constant then it can cause mould, rot, or rust. So, whenever you see that your faucet is leaking than don’t sit back, call for plumbing service right away.

True or false: False

2 – Garbage disposal blades can sharpen through the ice

There is a myth within this myth that the garbage disposals have “blades”. Garbage disposals do not have any blade, whatever they have is two teeth like grooves that are known as impellers. These impellers can be cleaned by using ice but it has nothing to do with sharpening them. Even eggshells can clean your garbage disposal. Just throw them when you are cooking an omelette and they will automatically clean them.

True or false: False

3 – Lemon works like a garbage disposal cleaner

Lemons certainly contain citric acid and that is why it is believed that they can clean your garbage disposal. Lemons can keep the garbage disposals and drain fresh and keep the bad odour away but they do not have anything to do with cleaning. Sometimes lemon peels block the drains as well. For cleaning it’s best you opt for soap and water.

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4 – If water goes down the drain, everything is fine

We tend to follow this for weeks and months and then a blockage comes as a surprise. We keep on throwing almost everything in the drain and flush them with water. Then the disaster happens and drains blockage happens. To avoid this kind of situation you should not throw any non-perishable item into the drain and keep on cleaning the pipes with chemical pipe cleaners to avoid even any kind of small blockage.

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5 – Water stains are normal

Well, water stains are not normal and even a little water stain can indicate bigger issues. You should not ignore any kind of plumbing maintenance based on this theory. If overlooked, you will find a huge leakage after a small while. There can be a huge leak behind a stain so be cautious and don’t overlook it.

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6 – There is nothing to be concerned about low water pressure

Low water pressures are usually overlooked by most of us but did you know that they can cause leakage in pipes? These leaks can turn out to be a disaster for you. They can run below and cause you damage. If you see low water pressure get it fixed by a professional plumber.

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7 – You can flush anything in the toilet

You might think you can just dispose of everything inside the toilet and just flush it down. But remember, you should never flush anything inside the toiler other than your bodily waste. Many people throw wipes and toilet paper inside and flush but they can create blockage so it’s better to ignore them. It can also result in flooding your toilet and then you will have to call emergency plumbers to get it fixed. As it is said “prevention is better than cure”; try not to let that happen.

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8 – Everything can be pushed down through drain with water

This is the biggest plumbing myth of all times that as long as the drain is running fine; you can throw any kind of garbage in the drain and push them away with water. If the items like egg shells, non-perishable hair, and other non-degradable items are thrown into the drain it will cause harm no matter for how long the water is running.

True or false: False

9 – Putting a brick inside the toilet saves water

The origin of this kind of ridiculous myths can never be known. There is no proof to back it up. There are many ways of saving water like using water saver, fixing the leakage and so on, but definitely not this! Make sure you don’t do anything of this sort just by believing the sayings when there are no proofs. It will cause an interruption in water flow and lead to a worst of flush to a greater extent.

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10 – All the plumbers are the same

This is another myth that is believed by most people that all the plumbers are the same. Just like there are doctors with different specialties, there are plumbers who have their expertise in different areas. You need to choose a plumber who can fulfill your requirements and have experience in that domain. For example, you should never choose a commercial cleaner for domestic and residential cleaning.

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These are some of the most famous and common myths that are followed by many of us. Make sure you un-follow them and take the plumbing issues under consideration. You can call professional plumbing service providers and ask for help.

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