Types of filters

whole house water filter

Purtec water filters ensure every outlet in the house produces filtered, spring-like water. The WH2-30 water filter is designed for mains water supplies, with its benefits including reduced chlorine in the water, the removal of taste & odour, removal of chemicals and sediment in the water, and the protection and prolonging of appliances throughout your home due to the removal of harsh chemicals.

water softeners

Harsh water is a common issue in Australia caused by a combination of calcium and magnesium.

Hardness is often the cause for scale build-up and clogging in plumbing fixtures and hot water systems. A scale build up means more energy is required to heat the water, and therefore causes an increase in power bills.

A proven, cost effective solution is a water softener. A water softener exchanges calcium and magnesium with sodium to reduce the hardness, and thereby reduces scales from accumulating in your pipes.

With a water softener your silverware, glassware, mirrors, tiles, or any plumbing fixtures are cleaner and shinier. You get cleaner and softer skin as well as smoother hair. It reduces the soap curd so it makes it easier to clean showers and baths and the lifespan of your appliances are lengthened.

A water softener is an affordable, simple and easy way to improve your quality of life at home at the same time as providing savings in your pocket.

Under sink water filters

Under sink water filters are a cost effective solution to filtered water. Under sink water filters transform any mixer tap into a filtered tap, with no need for a separate tap.

Under sink water filters reduce chlorine, remove taste and odour and remove chemicals in the filtered mixer tap.

Request a free water quality test now!

water quality tests will allow us to tell you exactly how much chlorine & other chemicals are in your water supply, and from there a free quote can be provided to advise you on the best system for your home.

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